Gentlemen’s Tools – best rated Beard Comb & Brush first type KIT for man is what you are looking for!


  • organic hardwood hand crafted teeth
  • haircomb from beardbrand like our dual action mini unbreakable widetooth beardcomb. Use on sensitive skull, head hairstyling, growing, detangle, goatee, tangle, grew, grooming, hairstyle, brushing


  • pure designed wild firm hardsoft boarbristle of finest grade
  • massages – stimulate skin to distribute natural oil easily. Mangrip oval beardbrush – eco thin bristle – men’s beard care


  • manage to get any beardman style. Hipster, soldier, badass, spartan, urban prince, gek, usa cowboy, african, texas, gent, hippie, lumberjack, american legend, german, mason, manly, mane, lincoln, barbarian, beardo, cavemen, woodman
  • fit satisfyingly in palm of large hand. Built to last with a sturdy compact design. Small enough for a travel pocket
  • men’s care, hairbrush, prevent itchy scalp, remove neck acne
  • can be used on wet, dry or oiled beards. Use them in bathroom, washbasin and bath. Keep on shelf with other fancy grooming multi tools
  • both packaged in a fine cardboard pack

Memorable birthday, father’s day, graduation, anniversary, Christmas, valentine, wedding, holiday gift for yourself or bearded high school old friend, buddy, bro, guy, pal, husband, boyfriend, brother, grandpa, dad in your life. Get this wooden new discount cheap price item.

Use this professional modern vintage giftset with good trimmer, simple bib, apron catch, cap, metal/steel foldable sided shaping or shaving multiple tool, angle curve shaper, template edge contour, straightener, scissors, hair back catcher, portable engraved folding horn popular double side, Oz of balsam, moisturizer, pomade, butter, unscented cream, switchblade – better everyday haircare. Growth macho wildstyle facehair every morning – start noshave movember year now.

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