EYX Formula Professional Barber Set with Razor Hair cutting Shears Hairdressing Tool, 6 Inches Fingers Ajustment Lenth Hair Thinning Texturising scissors With Bag for Cutting

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How to make your hair scissors be great protected?
   &nbsp1.Always close your hair scissors when not in use. This will prevent nicks or damage to the blade and possibly prevent serious personal injury from grabbing the razor sharp area of the open scissors blades.
   &nbsp2.Clean and oil your hair scissors on a regular basis (around the screw head and between the blades after using)
   &nbsp3.After cleaning your hair cutting scissors, allow them to dry in a rack or other device.
   &nbsp4.Check the tension of your scissors frequently. If it’s too tight, the blades will grind against each other as they cut, too loose and the blades will grind plus fold and bend hair instead of cutting.
   &nbsp5.To check the tension, with your left hand hold the shears by the ring without the finger rest, point facing up. With your right hand hold the ring with the finger rest, and open the shears so that it forms a cross. Release the ring in your right hand. It should drop only slightly, if it falls more than slightly, it’s too loose; if it doesn’t move at all, it’s too tight.
   &nbsp6.Adjust the tension accordingly with a tension adjuster or by turning the tension adjustment knob. Never adjust the tension on your scissors while the blades are open. This will eliminate the possibility of nicks to the blades.

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