Pure Body Naturals Hydrating Beard and Stashe Duo Kit, Oil (2 oz.), Balm (1.75 oz.)

Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil for a soft, hydrated and conditioned beard with a healthy shine. The best treatment for your beard that is not only healthy, but feels and looks great too. Effective and easy to use, our sophisticated formula works to perfect your beard with ease. Affordable yet a product of luxury, our beard oil is a must-have for anyone who needs a healthy beard that feels and looks great. We’ve done the hard part, simply apply and sit back while our extremely effective formula goes to work and gives your beard the care it deserves. Our completely premium ingredients are only at their best when they work together in our formula, making Pure Body Naturals Beard Oil like no other. But why take our word for it? Try in now RISK FREE and return if not the best beard oil you’ve tried! Here are just some of the benefits of our beard oil: • Moisturizes and Hydrates • Helps prevent premature ‘greying’ • Softens and adds shine • Repairs hair follicles • Protects from damage • Conditions and removes tangles • Prevents harsh and coarse beard • Makes for a neat, healthy beard

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